Academia and the Internet

April 14, 2011

It has been a while since I’ve written here on the blog. Much has transpired during that time that time and I propose to  share with you in future blogs.  Today I will begin by relating a little bit on some of the changes that have taken place for me,  and why the changes taken place.

Certainly the biggest change has been the movement of all of my research,teaching and community service into cyberspace.   This is because University environment today is going through a fundamental paradigm shift.  It is not a paradigm shift that should surprise anyone.  Colleges and universities have served the traditional role of the generation and dissemination of knowledge.  Traditionally the way that the universities did this was to bring together a group of scholars who had conducted research and discovered new knowledge, to share that knowledge with students who were brought to a location.  The one thing that the Internet does very well is disseminating information.  The Internet today serves both as a place for scholars and students to gather, and  as a location for the storage and retrieval of the information and knowledge that is been gained by those scholars.  Future blogs will discuss this transformation based upon my research and experience as a professor.